Pastor Billy and Helena Island

Founding & Lead Pastors

Metanoya Dallas is campus that was launched at the end on 2013 under the leadership of Pastor Jubal Garcia of Metanoya of San Antonio. Metanoya Dallas took birth out of San Antonio, Texas. Billy & Helena Island are the founding and lead pastors of Metanoya Dallas. Since it began in 2013 Metanoya Dallas has become known as a live-giving, evangelical, multi-generation & multi-cultured church.  Billy & Helena have a deep passion to fulfill the purpose of God for their lives through seeing people experience God. Billy speaks at churches, conferences, and is a transformed testimony of the power of Jesus Christ! Billy is an ordained minister, who counsels individuals into recovery and is the author of the book Principles Some Things Never Change. Helena Island was born in San Antonio, Texas were she pursued her education at Our Lady of the Lake and with a degree in Education. And she is the worship leader at Metanoya Dallas as well as co-founder. Helena Island has mothered countless individuals in the Lord as she and Billy resides in Dallas, Texas! 

Timothy & Lisa Jones

Associate Pastor