We're Better Together

Tribes are groups of people that help one another discover who God is.
Tribes help heartbroken people through difficult times such a divorce, death, or illness.
 In a Tribe it will provoke you to greater personal growth. It creates a safe space where people can discuss eternal and earthly matters.

Find a Tribe and join… Its easy as looking through the Tribes we have to offer

Identity Theft

Joshua Riley
You are not who you say you are, you are not who people say you are, you are who God says you are. And I want you to join my tribe as we discover who we are as followers of Jesus.
Meeting ID: 733 659 0760
Passcode: 3nY4vr

Gender: Male
Age: 30-45
Time of day: 7pm (CST)
Day: Thursday
Regularity: Once a week

Living Hope

Helena Island
I’m Helena Island and I would like to journey with you through this Christian Life, because faith does not eliminate questions.
Meeting ID: 290 762 2999
Passcode: b5t1u1

Day: Monday
Stage of Life: Adult
Regularity: Once a week
Time of Day: 7pm (CST)
Gender: Women

The Circle of Life

Timothy Jones
Taking a step of faith .. you don’t have to see the whole staircase to take the first step let’s do life together on a journey to know Christ.
Meeting ID: 533 130 1017
Passcode: 028729

Age group:18-35
Regularity: Once A Week
Times: 7pm (CST)
Days: Monday’s
Gender: Men


Lisa Jones
The Bible teaches us that bad company corrupts good morals. This is one of the reasons we continue to go in the same circles. You may not have an opportunity to connect with people that are headed down the same road as you in your faith. That’s why this group was created.
Meeting ID: 526 001 5160
Passcode: 9i34dJ

Day of the week: Monday
Stage of Life: 17 and up
Regularity: ( once a week)
Time of Day: 7PM
Gender: Women
Language: English

Up Lifting Woman

Anna Salazar
I know what it’s like to feel alone, lost, and broken ultimately a complete mess. But I also know the love of Jesus Christ as well…Join hands with me as we experience his peace, love and joy.
Meeting ID: 747 8321 4386
Passcode: 0seVNn

Day of the week: Tuesday
Time: 6pm CST
Stage of life: Age 18-25
Regularity: Once a Week
Gender: Female

God Is With Us

Janice Henderson
I have been young and now I’m old, and I’ve never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging for bread is one of my favorite scriptures because it reminds me that God is with me no matter what. Join me as we are reminded that we are not alone God is with us.
Meeting ID: 842 470 0575
Passcode: mt0TrD

Day of the week: Tuesday
Stage of Life: 45-60
Regularity: ( once a week)
Time of Day: 6pm CST
Gender: Co-Ed

Moving on with Grace and Blossoming

Cassandra Anderson
Join me as I share how God’s given me strength and courage to move on with grace after experiencing divorce and brokenness. You too can as well with God all things are possible!
Meeting ID: 254 836 1934
Passcode: 7Z8m0H

Day of the Week: Monday
Stage of Life: 30-50
Regularly: Once a week
Time of Day: 7pm (CST)
Gender: Ladies

Happily Ever After

Pastor Billy and Helana Island
Join us as we walk along side of you whether you are married about to say I-do, or contemplating it in the future… We believe in marriage and that it can work with the right guidance.
Meeting ID: 915 073 8024

Day: Thursday
Time: 7pm CST
Regularity: Once a week
Stage of Life: All Ages

She Slay

Jessica Henderson
Ladies, I’m ready to be completely transparent with you about the heartaches and blessings of being a single mother.
Meeting ID: 211 330 2165
Passcode: 8PfTqe

Day of the week: Thursday
Stage of Life: 25-40
Regularity: ( once a week)
Time of Day: 7:15pm (CST)
Gender: Female

Persevering Under Pressure

Mitchell Guyette
Iron will sharpen Iron as we discuss topics of pressures in this life and persevering through them. Walking in the power of God and in victory in your household and workplace. Join my tribe and let’s grow as godly, husbands, fathers, and as students in every area of life.
Meeting ID: 558 062 4062
Passcode: 7xWxZ

Gender: Men
Age group: 18-30
Day: Monday
Time: 7pm CST
Regularity: Once A Week

Overcoming In Life

Billy Island
Overcoming is a part of life that often can be difficult. Thats why I suggest you don’t do it alone… Join my Tribe as we overcome life’s difficulties together.
Meeting ID: 915 073 8024

Day: Tuesday
Time: 7:30pm CST
Regularity: Every other week
Ages: 25-40
Gender: Co-Ed

The Supernatural Power of a Transformed Mind

Craig Lemon
Thinking and seeing from heavens perspective can be challenging… But I want to join hands with you and walk with you as we all learn how to live a life of miracles with Jesus. We can see the things that seem impossible become possible.
Meeting ID: 997 049 5659
Passcode: 734NJ2

Day: Thursday
Time: 7pm CST
Regularity: Once A Week
Ages: 18-60

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